Hidden domestic BIOROCK Installation

Hidden domestic BIOROCK Installation

Hello Mr Breyer, thank you for finding the time for this interview. You have a beautiful house but I can’t see any BIOROCK sewage treatment plant…

Look under your feet!  It’s just below the slatted terrace,  we constructed the terrace over the BIOROCK system to make it invisible. We had no choice other than to install the sewage treatment units in front of the house so then decided to make the best use of the area.

That’s rather unique!  Tell me: What was your wastewater problem?

We were previously equipped with an inadequate, old septic system that absolutely had to be replaced. We met several sewage treatment plant and septic system installers who all offered different options. Our problem was the lack of space at the front of the house. It was not possible to install the new sewage treatment system at the back because the garden level is higher than the street. This would have meant having to use an electrical treatment system which was out of the question for us. In addition there are already some BIOROCK sewage treatment plants installed nearby (there is a BIOROCK non-electric sewage system further down our road) and the neighbours told us that they were very happy with their choice.

What in your opinion is the main advantage of your non-electric sewage treatment plant?

The most important aspect for us was the low maintenance. This is what we really liked with the BIOROCK sewage treatment plant. As you can see we have created access hatches in the wooden terrace to provide access to the lids, but I didn’t want to spend my time opening and closing them with a high maintenance system! (See pic)
Mrs Breyer adds: What has also reassured us it is the fact that the tanks are manufactured in one piece to prevent leakage. (Note: BIOROCK tanks are manufactured in one piece and are not composed of two independent parts which is then sealed together)

Your installation is special as the sewage treatment plant has been buried very close to your house ...

Yes, as explained we had no other choice ... But the installer knew what he was doing and did a fantastic job. The project has been approved by the relevant authorities. Our BIOROCK agent got in touch with the installer, trained him and even came along during the installation in order to ensure that everything was done properly. We installed our BIOROCK non-electric plant in 2011 and everything has been fine ever since!

If you had to give a short “customer review” of the BIOROCK service in two words?

(With a smile) "Very happy!"

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