BIOROCK septic system serving an eco-friendly family house in Estonia

BIOROCK septic system serving an eco-friendly family house in Estonia


Lääne- Virumaa, Estonia


5 PE


This brand new Eco-friendly house is used as a secondary home and especially on weekends.  The electricity supply relies on wind-turbine electricity production; the energy produced being saved on batteries. The need of energy savings and clever use of power was our customer’s priority, and he didn’t need much time to understand the numerous advantages of the BIOROCK non-electric solution which fits ideally to his project.

The area is classified as “nitrate sensitive” and a biological sewerage treatment system was specified by the local environmental agency; Septic tanks are strictly prohibited in this area of natural beauty.

The owner of this eco-friendly holiday home is now equipped with a BIOROCK ST-1-2000 primary tank and BIOROCK-S treatment unit. The treated effluent is discharged to a local, newly-designed infiltration area.

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